How the Hernandez Family Give Back?

​ Regaining and offering a "Normal" life while dealing with Autism
Meet Pastor Jesus & his wife Maglys...

Children's pastor Jesus Hernandez has many new jobs titles these days. He is now Director, Producer, Screenwriter and author. This family has not only survived hardships but has proven that faith will always provide. High school sweethearts, although attended separate schools, this power couple has overcome life at its worst. Foreclosure, repossession, death and bankruptcy were just a couple of downfalls they suffered together but they continued to find comfort in their Latin culture and by staying close to the church. Parents of an autistic son offers a valuable insight to what was lacking in their own they made a change. 

Tune in to Julian...

Diagnosed with autism at age 3, Julian has had the world cater to his needs. Not being able to communicate his feelings leaves him to depend on his own imagination. Julian escapes into the fantasy of movies and lives happily in between the lines of scripted fictional characters. An average child diagnosed with autism lives a healthy & happy life leaving their care givers much of the responsibility to tend to. Feeding, bathing, dressing and general precautions are now the daily tasks someone else has to prepare for 24/7.  Much of a caregivers social life is now put on the back burner due to these new duties.

Parents now regain "Me Time"

Faith Fellowship Ministries in Sayreville, NJ host over 10,000 members and the need for a special education program grew quite popular quickly. The Hernandez couple decided to establish the special needs class within their church for children ranging from 0-12 years of age. This provided their parents the opportunity to enjoy service at ease and provide an outlet for the children to enjoy church at their own pace. This month they created Autism Awareness ribbons to help raise money for the special needs class and to hopefully launch a new program offering parents a safe environment and babysitter service within the church. This new amenity would grant access for parents to enjoy a night out to themselves to run errands, join the gym or work on projects important to them while trained professionals care for their child and siblings. The goal for this program allows parents a bit of "me time" that is hard to prioritize while caring for a special needs child.

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"Discovering Perfection in Autistic Boy's Smile"
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